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Buying Real Estate abroad.

Purchasing real estate is as exciting as it is complex! There are many factors to keep in mind like the basics including size, style, and location of the property, and of course, the price range. Buying a property abroad goes beyond the perfect layout; with international real estate, you have to factor in every issue related to purchasing an overseas property. I would like to share with you what I believe are the essentials in order to keep yourself aware of some of the crucial factors to make a well-informed investment. I will also list some of what I believe from my experience are the best countries for Americans to invest.

When it comes to finding your ideal property overseas, there are a number of factors you must take into account to ensure that you get the best value for money and complete all due diligence. The starting point in my opinion is to consider travel and legal issues as a number one priority. If you are going to buy an overseas real estate, you will have to deal with both these issues. While the overseas mortgage market has traditionally catered to retirees looking for a place in the sun to live out their golden years, the market has expanded in recent times to cater to other demographics, which has made it easier to acquire a property in comparison to past years.

Along with the excitement of being an owner, the biggest reward is the financial benefit including the potential for a high return. An overseas property investment in a country that stands to see significant economic growth within the coming years could be far more lucrative than a local investment. In addition to this, overseas investments add diversity to your portfolio, providing you with a possible hedge against economic decline back home. Add to this the fact that real estate value usually increases in line with inflation — something that other investments or savings accounts may struggle to match. Along with these benefits, on a personal level, investing in property overseas opens up opportunities for you to migrate and gain citizenship if case you ever consider moving to another country permanently.



I often get asked what do I believe is the most important thing to look for in an international property investment. I say it all depends on what you plan to do with the investment. If you are looking to rent out the property, it is important to research local laws regarding tenancy and property owners. Not all properties are eligible for letting, and in some countries, the restrictive nature of the rules may make the exercise unfeasible. While some properties may allow long-term rentals, not all will allow short-term holiday rentals like those found on Airbnb.

With such a big world, so many countries qualify as good for a real estate investment. If you have not already chosen country, it is a good idea to start by calculating the initial deposit you can afford and compare it to the average cost of housing in different locations. Here is a list of my top locations-



Mexico is one of the cheapest countries to buy property. It has some of the least expensive properties. You can buy a house for as less as US$30,000. For prices higher than this, you can buy colonial mansions. Many of the towns around the country are beautifully surrounded by mountains and nature with an authentic Mexican charm.




If you love the idea of living on a tropical island, but the budget is a constraint, Brazil is the place for you. Apart from affordable houses, the beach towns provide a tranquil lifestyle away from the trappings of the city.. They have everything within a reasonable distance and yet have significantly less traffic than most cities.


Thailand is quite well known for a variety of things such as food, amenities, and nightlife. It is a very popular and inexpensive tourist destination. Thailand offers a lot more amenities at comparable costs to other countries in Asia. The overall cost of living is also quite low in Thailand. The value for money makes Thailand, one of the cheapest countries to buy property.


Argentina is a popular tourist destination. It has a rich cultural history. There are many museums, cuisines and tons of history for you to explore. If you want a plush, sprawling house, Argentina is the best country to live. The real estate in Argentina has a reasonable price. Being a tourist destination, you can even rent out your property to gain a profit.


With a tropical climate, outstanding natural beauty, and good flight connections to the U.S., Costa Rica offers many advantages for Americans looking into buying property including having the same rights and protections as Costa Ricans, including being able to hold title to land. However, neither foreigners nor Costa Ricans are permitted to own or build on beaches in certain zones, so you must pay special attention to the land’s location. With so many good options, the most important thing is to be well informed.

As amazing as it is to get into investments and real estate, having an expert by your side will save you a lot of time and money but most importantly will prevent you to make a wrong choice and keep away properties that are not necessarily a good idea as well as people eager to commit fraud. If you need help, I am here to guide you along the way!

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